Die erste Woche des Septembers. Der Spätsommer hat begonnen. Die Tage werden kürzer, die Nächte länger. Aber hey, zum Glück haben die Smartphones dieser Tage ja ne gute Low-Light-Funktion! Schauen wir uns daher also doch mal die Sneakershots an, die Ihr diese Woche unter #everysize eingereicht habt! Und an dieser Stelle: „Nikes on my feet make my cypher complete!“ (#RIPMac)


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🚦 D O E R N B E C H E R 🚦

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It’s all about a good story!

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SEAN IS STILL THE PLUG! 🔌 I was in RoundTwo a couple weeks ago and met @sean_wotherspoon for the first time. As busy as he was in there he took the time to chop it up with me and talk about Freddys and as I’m talking to him I think to myself I wish he had his Pigeons on for a picture. So I say if you ever want to sell your pigeons please let me know(not thinking he would). A couple days later I get a DM from Sean telling me that he will sell me them and to make an offer. So I spit an offer out and I instantly felt like I lowballed him. So, I went up 500 and he gets back to me later saying he was happy with the original number I offered. He just wants to make sure they’re going to a good home. Stand up guy in every way and I’m beyond grateful to have a pair not to mention coming from him. I love the love I’ve been getting from everyone and to see people like Sean and @toddbratrud looking out for me makes me feel like I’m doing something right over here! Lol I’ve tried to get a pair before and unfortunately had to see the grimy side of this game. A couple of asshole faces that did me dirty, but I didn’t bug out and now look who sells me a pair for a insane price. 🙏🏼 @jeffstaple #flockwithus #roundtwo #seanwotherspoon #theartofthesneaker #complexkicks #nikesbdunk #nike #sbonly #schiavonescloset #sneakernews #16yearsofSBdunk #sbcollector #stashedboxes #sbdunks #nikesb #dunksb #sneakerhead #sbsonly #sbdunkhead #complexphotos #solenation #sneakeralert #sneakercollector #nicekicks @nikesb @sneakerfreakermag @soledoutjc

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Chilled like it’s 93

Still hyped?

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✖️KAWS ✖️ 📸 @maa_fgrx

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Mirror, mirror

Sample heat

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Walk in em


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G R E Y G O R Y @hikmetsugoer

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It’s a gang thing

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