END. Clothing x adidas Consortium (Interview)


Artikel aktualisiert am 19.01.2021.

Am 12.11 erscheint die aktuelle Kollaboration zwischen END.Clothing x adidas Consortium bei ausgewählten Consortium Händlern. Wir haben uns mit Simon Lister, seines Zeichens Marketing Manger von END.Clothing über die spannende Kooperation unterhalten, die aus einem adidas NMD Chukka und einem ZX700 Boat besteht. Lest selbst, was er uns zu sagen hat.


Hi Simon. You came around not only with one, but two shoes.
Making two shoes is more work, than only working on one. How was the process?
This is the first time we’ve worked with adidas Consortium, so we wanted to make sure our first collaboration with the brand was as big as we could possibly make it, hence the two shoe release. The process was double the work for all involved and thought had to be made on the smaller details to make sure that the two shoes sat together and worked as a pack.

The ZX Boat wasn´t seen for a while. Why did you choose that silhouette? Was it your personal preference?
When we got the go ahead that a two shoe release was workable, we wanted to create something that harked back to the past (ZX Boat) and then looked to the future with the NMD C1. I think we’ve created a strong concept / story that translate across both silhouettes.


The NMD (series)came out of nowhere and already has a huge impact on the sneaker business now. Why did you choose the Chukka instead of a classic NMD and what makes the NMD in general so successful?The product, marketing and rollout for all things NMD has been amazing this year and shows no sign of letting up, all of the iterations are fantastic. We choose the C1, as a point of difference from the runner and the response has been amazing for it.

Talking about the Chukka, you put some spin on that with the zipper. Was it easy to get that shoe like that, as there was no zipper put on a NMD Chukka before?
Thankfully the guys over at Consortium were super open to all of our suggestions, the zipper was just something we added for not only a utilitarian feel but also a point of difference from in-line iterations. I’m really pleased with how the Chukka (and the ZX Boat) turned out.

Talking about spins. You chose special materials. Tell us a bit about the choice of materials in general.
Starting with the ZX Boat; the uppers feature a construction of smooth tanned leather contrasted with a rugged suede, referencing the sandy terrain of the desert itself. To the front of the shoe sits a moccasin stitched toe with a woven leather chord featuring to the side walls. For the NMD C1 the sneaker’s honeycomb knit upper is contrasted with touches of premium leather to the heel and lacing, with a zip to the heel allowing for a snug fit. To the sole a full Boost sole unit features, with a gum sole completing the design.

How did you get the idea for the shoes and what´s the story behind that?
For all of our projects we think a story / concept is important to help frame the colourways with the consumer. This one came about when looking at both silhouettes and how we could make two fairly different models work together for the release.

Is there more up your sleeve, when it comes to END. Collaborations?
Simple answer – yes. Watch this space.


Thanks for the insights, Simon. We are looking forward to see more of you and your Store in the near future.