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Artikel aktualisiert am 28.06.2019. Für unser aktuelles Latest Pick-Up Interview haben wir Gracjan Aniol vom polnischen Sneakerblog befragt. Das Polen nicht erst seit gestern eine größere Rolle in der Sneaker-und Streetwearszene spielt, ist weitgehend bekannt.

Gracjan Aniol

Gut sortierte Stores wie Ataf, Eleven Store oder Chmielna 20 sind mittlerweile auch hierzulande bekannt und die polnische Sneaker Szene wächst rasant. Aber nicht nur Events und Stores sorgen für den Wachstum der Szene, sondern auch Blogs und Magazine, wie, welche die polnische Szene mit Informationen rund um das Thema Sneaker und Streetwear versorgt. The Illest wurde von Gracjan Aniol gegründet, den wir euch in unserem Latest PickUp Interview gerne etwas genauer vorstellen möchten. Gracjan ist bekennender New York Knicks Fan, Basketball Fan, Rapper, Fitness Fanatiker und steht vorrangig auf Nike Air Jordan.

Your shoe size?
Usually I am wearing a US 9.5, however sometimes when shoes are more tight I need a US 10.

What’s your latest purchase?
My latest purchase was the Air Jordan 13 „Chicago“. Honestly, I have been waiting for them almost 20 years and maybe you will call me a strange guy, but I’am not buying kicks from resellers. It’s my rule. First time I have seen them at a Sneaker Store, I could not afford to buy them. The situation was pretty simple. I was a young boy, who has already started playing Basketball and Michael Jordan was my hero. So this purchase was nostalgic and I just needed to have them.

Gracjan Aniol

What’s your all-time classic sneaker?
It’s easy, as it is the Air Jordan 3 for many reasons. First of all, it was my first sneaker that I bought and I still think that it is one of the best shoes out there and had a huge influence on the Jordan Brand as well. Secondly, almost all colorways look dope! I guess that Jordan Brand has some impact on me somehow. I have so many good memories in my mind connected with every single pair of Jordans and it’s the main reason why I started collection sneakers.

Gracjan Aniol

Which pair of sneakers will you be buying next?
I will focus on the Air Jordan 4. As I remember correctly the mentioned kicks will show up in few interesting color-ways in the future, for example the „Pure Money“ or „Motorsports“.
I still believe that I will buy the Air Jordan 1 „Royal“ and of course I will buy a few more pairs of the Air Jordan 13, which will release in the next few months as well.

What brand caught your attention lately?
As I said earlier, I am big fan of the Jordan Brand in general, so in this case you can also add Nike to my list. My collection includes mostly shoes from the Jumpman or Nike. But except Nike and Jordan Brand, I also like Diadora. This Italian brand dropped some nice collaborations, but also their general releases from previous years were great.

How many shoes do you own?
Currently I have something around 60 pairs of Jordans and around 20 or 30 pairs of Nike. My collection contains nearly 100 pairs of shoes with all other brands. However, there´s a long long journey ahead of me.

Gracjan Aniol

What style is a no-go for you?
Two things, I don’t like are tight clothes and designer shoes.

Thank´s for the talk, Gracjan and good luck with your Blog and Collection for the future.