Latest Pick-Up-Driss Dendoune (Data Sneakers)


Artikel aktualisiert am 01.07.2019. In unserem aktuellen Latest Pick-Up Interview haben wir Driss Dendoune von Data Sneakers zum Diktat gebeten. Wer sich auf den zahlreichen Sneaker Events dieser Welt herumtreibt, der wird Driss unweigerlich schon einmal getroffen haben. Der rastlose Franzose bereist fast jedes Sneaker Event in Europa und verkauft sowohl Vintage Modelle, als auch Raritäten und limitierte Editionen.


Der gebürtige Franzose hat im August das erste Sneaker Museum Frankreichs eröffnet, zudem ist er Co-Veranstalter des Data Sneakers Sneaker Events, welches am 4.12.2016 in Marseille stattfindet. Wer also am Wochenende noch nichts vor hat, dem raten wir dringend nach Marseille zu fahren, die Stadt hat neben Sneaker Stores natürlich auch eine Menge Kultur zu bieten, war sie 2013 nicht umsonst Kulturhaupstadt Europas. Lest selbst, was Driss uns zu sagen hat.

What´s your size?
I have size 7,5/8US, it just depends on the brand and model.

What´s your latest purchase?
My latest purchase was the Nike Air Presto „Greedy“. I bought two pairs, as it is such a nice colourway and I love the presto. I was lucky enough to get them at Slash Store (Marseille) and The Next Door / Act2 (Avignon) which are friends of mine.

What´s your „all-time“ Classic Sneaker?
Man, that´s really hard to say ! My taste of shoes is really diverse, but I do like nike in general!
I would say it is always depending on my mood, but if I need to choose, it would be the Nike Presto and the Nike Dunk, but also the LDV, or the LD1000. It´s so hard to choose and so, have more than one all-time Classic-haha.

driss_bp_nikeWhich pair of sneakers will you be buying next?
My next pair? I don´t know yet! It could be a OG pair, or some general release. I just take, what ever cross my path and which I like.

What brand caught your attention lately?
I love what Vincent of „Delicate Run“ does. The materials he is using are amazing, the shape of the model is as well and they are entirely Made in France. Perfect shoes for sure.

How many shoes do you own?
About 300-400 pairs (Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, Reebok, New Balance …)

What style is a „No-Go“ for you?
I can´understand why some people wear flip flops with socks, but everyone should wear what he wants to wear.

Thank´s Driss for the interview. Good Luck with your event and your Sneaker Museum.