Latest Pick-Up Interview – Hanna Helsø (Sammlerin)


Artikel aktualisiert am 18.06.2024.

Heute präsentieren wir euch ein weiteres Latest PickUp Interview von und mit Hanna Helsø aus Norwegen. Wie so oft sind wir bei Instagram auf Hanna und ihre Sammlung aufmerksam geworden. In unserem Feed tauchen oft Bilder von Sneakern und Turnschuhen und vor allen Dingen Sammlungen auf,  jedoch selten stecken Frauen hinter.

Hanna Helsø

Und da wir uns immer freuen wenn auch Frauen ihre Leidenschaft offen zur Schau tragen, haben wir bei der 19-jährigen Hanna Helsø einmal genauer nachgefragt. Aber lest selbst, was sie uns zu sagen hat.

Hi Hanna, please introduce yourself!
My name is Hanna Helsø and I am a 19-year-old girl from Norway. I just finished high school, so I am taking this year off to work and travel. And of course I have to earn some money so that I could be able to grow my sneaker collection. I don’t know which term I should use to introduce myself. Someone will call me a sneakerhead, someone will call me a sneaker collector or even a hypebeast. Personally I don’t like to use these terms because people got their own definitions of them, and that might be different from my definition. I am a person who like sneakers a little bit more than average people. I like to collect them, read about them and most important I use them. I’ve always been crazy about shoes, everything from heels to sneakers, especially shoes that really stood out. The sneaker obsession started with the Nike Air Max 90; I was searching for some outstanding colorways and I suddenly understood that some sneakers are harder to get your hands on than other. I manage to cop a pair from a Nike Air Max 90 City collection, and since then I’ve kept an eye on the sneakers that are going to release. When I moved by myself in 2014, my sneakergame got to a whole other level. My other shoes got dumped in the basement, while the sneaker collection just kept increasing.

Whats your shoe size?
I am usually a size US men’s 5.5 / EU 38.

What’s your Latest Pick-Up?
My latest pickup is a pair of adidas Ultra Boost pride shoes. They were actually gifted to me by a good friend who is a part of the LGBT community. This is my favorite Ultra Boost 3.0, and I love to show my support to the LGBT movement. Besides the Ultra Boost I recently bought the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas. The shoe is very comfortable with super soft leather, and its worth to mention that they are Kanye’s most affordable sneaker so far. I love his mashup of classic and retro, it is definitely one of my favorite sneakers at this time.

Hanna Helsø

What is your „All Time Classic“ sneaker?
My all-time classic sneaker has to be Nike Air Force 1 low. There are so many nice colorways and collabs with this model, but you can never go wrong with the white on white Air Force 1 low. It’s a simple shoe, but it never goes out of style. The timeless silhouette is a must have in every sneaker collection.

Hanna Helsø

Which pair of sneakers will you buy next?
I haven’t planned my next purchase, but my wish list is long. I want to test out some models that I don’t have, and Nike’s Vapor Max is one of the first models that pops up in my head. I haven’t even tried on a pair of Vapor Max yet, so it’s time that I get my hands on a pair. I also have some other colorways of the Ultra Boost and Air Jordan 1 in mind at the moment.

What brand caught your attention lately?
It was Nike that got me hooked on sneakers, which you can tell since the majority of my sneakers are Nike. But most of my latest pickups and grails are from adidas. I really think adidas has been stepping up their game for the past two years. They have had some dope collaborations with designers and different artists, and they are releasing new models at the same time. And I also have to mention their revolutionary boost technology, which I can’t get enough from. But I could never pick one brand, and my love for Nike is surely still alive.

How many shoes do you own?
My collection consists of around 100 pairs. Someone hasn’t seen the daylight for a long time, but at this time I would never throw them away.

Hanna Helsø
Hanna Helsø

What style is a „no-go“ for you?
Personally I would never feel comfortable wearing a crop top with a pair of low-rise jeans, so that would be a no-go for me. But hey, Britney Spears pulled it off in the 90’s and Kylie Jenner are doing it these days. Everybody should wear whatever they like and whatever they feel comfortable wearing.

Hanna Helsø
Hanna Helsø
Hanna Helsø

Thank´s for the answers, Hanna Helsø and good luck in the future.

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