„Latest Pick-Up“ – Fabrice Le Goff (Founder asics_addict)


Artikel aktualisiert am 15.11.2023.


Fabrice Le Goff aka Bisso ist besser bekannt unter dem Namen „Bisso“. Der gebürtige Franzose kommt ursprünglich aus Gaudeloupe und ist seit Jahren DJ des „Blackout Soundsystems“, welches auf Reggae und Dancehall Soundclashs spielt. Neben Musik spielen natürlich auch Sneaker eine große Rolle in seinem Leben und insbesondere haben es ihm asics Sneaker angetan.

So hat er aus puren Spaß und Leidenschaft im Jahre 2015 die Instagram Seiten asics_addict und trocsneakers gegründet. Trocsneakers ist zudem eine große, private Facebook Gruppe, die er als Admin betreut und in der Sneaker getauscht, gekauft und gehandelt werden. Wir haben den passionierten Sneaker und Musikenthusiasten in unserem „Latest PickUp“ Interview befragt.

Bisso, what’s  your shoe size?
I have US12 / 11,5 depending on the brand.

What’s your latest purchase?
My latest purchase was the asics gel lyte 3 x atmos „Duck Camo“ which I ordered in Japan. It’s now blocked and the customs clearance, but it should be soon with me.

What´s your „all time“ classic Sneaker?
In the mid 80´s I saw a French TV Show called H.I.P H.O.P and got infected by Sneakers. My first pair was the adidas „Americana“ which allowed me to dance and play sports at the same time. In the late 80´s I discovered the Nike Air Max in university red. So, I remember these two very well and would choose these as my „all time classic“ Sneakers.

Which pair will you be buying next?
I think I’am going to buy the adidas Superstars „made in France“. I missed the original release and a friend of mine, Max Limol owner of the Webpage „Sneakers Culture“ and author oft he book „Les 100 Baskets Mythiques“ got the shoes in my size and they are still Deadstock.

What brand caught your Attention lately?
The brand which caught my attention lately is Kangaroos. But I also like Sonra (the new brand owned by Hikmet Sugoer).
I’am looking forward to see the shoes in reality and I hope to get a pair asap. The quality looks very good and I really want to see it on my feet.

How many shoes do you own?
About 200 pairs (adidas, Nike, Puma, asics, Kangaroos, Saucony, New Balance, …)

What Style is a „no-go“ for you?
I don’t wan’t to be a sexist, but Leggings under a shorts does not look cool, but everybody can wear what he wants to wear.

Thank’s for taking the time and good luck with your music and your shoes!