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Artikel aktualisiert am 28.02.2021.

Wer auf rare und seltene Nike Air Max steht, dem sollten die Jungs von outsole.nl ein Begriff sein. Gegründet wurde outsole.nl von Frank Klerks im Jahre 2014. Kurze Zeit später kam Bas Honders hinzu mit dem Frank bereits seit über zehn Jahren Sneaker auf diversen Plattformen verkauft, sowohl on-wie auch offline. Die Sammlung der beiden beinhaltet 1500 Sneaker, die meisten davon sind Nike Air Max 1. Seit kurzem ist auch Dennis Wegereef dabei, der die beiden als Grafiker unterstützt und mit dessen Hilfe im Oktober letzten Jahres outsole.nl gelaunched wurde.


Warum sie den Shop gegründet haben, liegt auf der Hand. Für „Hype“ Schuhe, die gerne mal mehr als 300€ kosten, muss man sich eigentlich auf die klassischen Plattformen wie ebay oder Facebook begeben um den Schuh ergattern zu können. Oftmals ist jedoch nicht gewährleistet, das die Verkäufer der hochpreisigen Schuhe „legit“ sind, also keine sogenannten Scammer sind, die eben das Geld einsacken, aber nicht den Schuh rausrücken. Das war der Grund, wieso die Jungs ihren Shop gelaunched haben, in dem sie mittlerweile über 600 verschiedene und rare Sneaker anbieten, das meiste davon sind Air Max.  Wir reden hier jedoch nicht von Schuhen, welche die letzte Saison herausgekommen sind, sondern von Schwerkalibern, wie dem Patta x Air Max 1 Burgundy oder dem
Nike Air Max 90 Homegrown“.
„Wir bieten unseren Käufern genauso einen Service an, wie es „normale“ Shops auch tun. Der Käufer kann sich bei uns sicher sein, das die Schuhe a) echt sind und er b) seinen Schuh auch wirklich bekommt, “ sagt Frank.
Des Weiteren warten mittlerweile noch weitere 1000 verschiedene Paare darauf, in den Shop eingepflegt zu werden. Aufgrund der großen Nachfrage findet man mittlerweile auch Jordans, New Balance und Vintage Schuhe im Shop.

Frank Klerks

What´s your shoe size?
I’m US 9 – US 9.5.

Whats your latest purchase?
For my personal collection that has been another pair of the Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant. It doesn’t happen that often that I buy a regular release though.

What´s your all-time classic sneaker?
That must be the Nike Air Max 1 London “Concord Sample”, from the Overkill Studio ID series. This CW is awesome as f*ck.

Which pair of sneakers will you be buying next?
I mostly wear Nike Air Max 1 ID’s (only the classic model, no ‘innovative’ crap), as common releases don’t give me the wow-feeling anymore. I’ve been so lucky to have them all in my hands multiple times. I still have the wow-feeling with crazy ID’s. So my next purchase probably be some Nike Air Max 1 ID again.

What brand caught your attetion lately?
I stick to Nike when it comes up to brands, so there is no other brand that caught my attention in a positive way lately.

How many shoes do you own?
Between 1000 and 1100 pairs of sneakers. Of course, there are many sneakers included for sale purposes. I personally wear about 10-20 AM1’s, mostly ID’s. At working days I have to wear dress shoes though.

What style is a “no-go” for you?
Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, NMD’s, worn by boys wearing a long “t-shirt” dress over “skinny jeans” leggings. With of course, the finishing touch of a man bun.

Bas Honders

Whats your shoe size?
My size is US 10.5, but with older AM1 releases I wear US 10 as well.

Whats your latest purchase?
That is the AM1 Flyknit ‘Oreo’.

What´s your all-time classic sneaker?
That is definitely the AM1 Crepe from 2004. I am in love with the shape, materials, colourway, and the comfort of the sneakers. I own 3 pairs in my size at the moment: 1 pair is brand new in the original box and I wear the other 2 pairs a lot.

Which pair of sneakers will you be buying next?
I am not really searching for a particular pair at the moment. Basically that’s because I already own everything I want. That’s why I really like the innovative options on Nike ID. I really like the new Flyknit options on the AM1, so that will be the next pair Iam going to buy.

What brand caught your attention lately?
My personal collection consists for about 95% of Nike AM1 sneakers. That’s because I am not a collector of multiple brands. I am really into the Nike AM1 and I have some pairs of Nike AM90 and Asics Gel Lyte III and V as well. So there is no other brand that caught my attention lately.

How many shoes do you own?
That is a really hard question to answer. I don’t know how many sneakers I own at the moment. But that will be around 300-400 pairs of sneakers.

What style is a no-go for you?
Definitely the ‘Yeezy NMD Boost’ style. In my opinion those sneakers are terrific. I don’t like the silhouette at all and I don’t understand why everybody wants to wear the same overhyped sneakers just because somebody told them ‘they are the shit’. I wear sneakers because I personally like them and I think they are cool, not because everyone is wearing them ‘so they must be cool’.


Dennis Wegereef

Whats yoour shoe size?
US 8.5

Whats´s your latets puchase?
I finally found and bought the Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant in my size. I already own them one size bigger.

Whats your all-time classic Sneaker?
That is the Nike Air Max 1 Amsterdam. I just like the colorway. They look so wrong, that they actually look great. When I’ve got them on feet, I see everybody turning their heads to have a short look at them. Probably because most of them think they’re ugly tho.

Which pair of Sneakers will you be buying next?
I’m looking around to get the new Nike Air Jordan 1 Banned for a decent price. Of course it might be a Nike Air Max 1 steal as well.

What brand caught your attention lately?
I don’t really have a brand that I’m interested in other than Nike. I don’t own any kind of Adidas but I noticed they are doing big things in the sneaker world again. They came up with some models that are very interesting. It is nice to see sneaker collectors’ attention changing between brands through the years.

How many shoes do you own?
Compared to my Outsole colleagues I don’t have that many sneakers. I’ve probably got about 50 pairs of sneakers. Mostly Nike Air Max 1’s, but also some Nike Air Jordans.

What style is a no-go for you?
I don’t really mind what other people wear. However, jeans with wide legs, let’s call it the ‘skater style’, are not my cup of tea.

Thank´s guys for taking the time to talk and we are looking forward to see more rare and exclusive shoes from you. See you next time at Sneakerness Amsterdam or at any other Sneaker Convention.