„Latest Pick-Up“- Kiwan Leung (Approved Sneakers)


Wer sich auf den zahlreichen Sneaker Conventions im In- und Ausland rumtreibt, der wird sicherlich schon Mal an einem Stand von Kiwan Leung vorbeigekommen sein. Der Holländer ist auf fast jedem größeren Sneaker Event anzufinden und bietet dort limitierte und nicht alltägliche Ware an, die er auch in seinem Webshop Approved Sneakers anbietet.


Wir haben den Besitzer von Approved Sneakers einmal befragt, auf welchen Schuh er sich freut und warum er Schuhe abgibt, die er mehr als ein Jahr nicht trägt.

What´s your shoe size?

What´s your Latest Purchase?
Nike Air Jordan 1 Bred 2016

What´s your alltime-classic Sneaker?
The Nike Air Jordan 1 „Bred“

Which pair of Sneakers will you be buying next?
Thats always difficult since I come across so many nice sneakers on a daily basis. So it might be an OG Jordan or a nice pair of vintage Air Max. But it can also easily be a sexy adidas Ultraboost. My personal list of grails is pretty big

What brand caught your attention lately?
I am very loyal to the Jordan Brand, especially now, since I hear that a lot of people are abandoning Jordan. I stick to it now,  harder than ever. The brand will always be my number 1 brand. „Be True to your School and without Jordans I would have not become a sneakerhead.

How many shoes do you own?
It varies. Coming from 600+ I now own around over 150 pairs I think. I have this rule, that if  I don´t wear a shoe for one year it has to go, ok of course  there are a few exceptions.

What Style is a „no-go“ for you?
I have my own style which cannot be put into one box I guess. Everybody has their own style, which shows who you are.

Thank´s Kiwan, looking forward to meet you soon at a Sneakerness or somewhere else.