Latest Pick-Up Interview – DJ Eskei83


Für unser aktuelles Latest Pick-Up Interview haben wir uns dieses Mal mit Sebastian König besser bekannt als DJ Eskei83, unterhalten. Der Dresdner Produzent und DJ ist seit Jahren tief in der Hip-Hop Szene verwurzelt und zudem ein leidenschaftlicher Sneaker Sammler.

DJ Eskei83

Seine Sammlung umfasst vorrangig Modelle von adidas, hat er zu der Marke mit den drei Streifen seit seiner Jugend und bedingt durch den Fußball, ein inniges Verhältnis. Lest selbt, was er uns zu sagen hat.

What´s your shoe size?

I have a US 9.

What´s your latest purchase?
That´s the adidas EQT support future x Overkill. I’m a big fan of the 93/17 whites that I copped in Miami during music week in March, but the black/scarlett/white version kills it for me and it is one of my favorites of the year already.

DJ Eskei83

What´s you All-Time Classic Sneaker already?

That is the adidas UltraBOOST uncaged x Solebox. It looks so damn good to every outfit. I usually take two pairs of sneakers on tour with me. Almost every time this UltraBOOST is one of them.

Which pair of Sneakers will you be buying next?
I’m not on the hunt all the time. I regularly check what’s coming up and try to get a pair if I like it. I think I need a new white pair of UltraBOOST´s soon, cause mine are worn out.

What brand caught your attention lately?
I’m all about adidas. When I tried to become a soccer pro in my earlier years, I was on adidas 100%. Now they turned everything in the sneaker world upside down with the BOOST soles. The UltraBOOST is already an unbeatable classic and for me as a DJ who is standing behind the decks for a couple of hours multiple times a week, it is a must have.

How many shoes do you own?
Not sure, but currently at home about 35 pairs which are in rotation and about 55 more pairs in my storage in the basement and around 40 at my parents house. If shoes are worn out I throw them away, cause I don’t stock sneakers.

What style is a „no go“ for you?
When I see people wearing old worn out socks to a cool sneaker, that ruins everything for me. But besides that, I think there’s no right or wrong. Style is defined by every person itself and you personally need to be happy with what you are wearing, not the others.

Danke Dir fürs Gespräch, Sebastian. Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg beim auflegen und produzieren. Wer sich mehr von Sebastian anhören möchte, dem empfehlen wir, ihm bei Soundcloud zu folgen. Hier findet ihr Eskei auf Instagram.